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A dedicated team
for custom-made communication

AKI PR is the ABG PR division designed for the management of startup press office activities, social media management and influencer marketing pr.

In a market scenario that is ever more crowded with countless players, every new startup must necessarily invest in project communication if it wants to stand out and successfully display its ideas. Compared to thriving business realities, startups have unique characteristics that require customized and focused communication that must be managed by experienced and competent press offices.

Thanks to our knowledge and know how on organizational dynamics, entrepreneurial logics, timing and objectives within a particularly complex and constantly evolving scenario, AKI PR can offer a team focused on press office, social media management and influencer marketing  for small and medium sized startups through the creation of  exclusive and customized projects.

The long experience gained with emerging startups, the ability to follow and satisfy customer needs through customized and personalized communication, the versatility with which our professionals are able to embrace and encompass different fields of expertise, are the key elements our press office offers to young and emerging business startup projects.

The social media management, influencer marketing and startup press office services offered by AKI PR include:

  • Editing and issuing of press releases 
  • Production and management of selected media lists including print and online journalists, radio and TV, bloggers and specialized influencers
  • Organization of interviews, press tours, product testing, events and press conferences
  • Crisis Management and business trainings on communication management
  • Press books and subsequent quality/quantity analysis on the achieved results
  • ­ Digital Pr and possible social account management as well as company social pages (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat…)
  • Social media marketing strategies and content marketing
  • Brand community development and management 

There is no such thing as a small company or small markets but just ideas that need to communicate with the right tone of voice.

Contact us for more information on our services and get ready to start roaring as a lion in the startup jungle!