On the occasion of “World Alzheimer’s Day 2019”, we collaborated in the fundraising ‘Agnosis Collection’ campaign for the EBRI Rita Levi Montalcini Foundation, offering press office services and influencer marketing activities.
The “Agnosis Collection” campaign aimed to raise awareness among the general public about Agnosia, the terrible disorder that gradually prevents people with Alzheimer’s from recognizing even the most common objects.
Our influencer marketing project involved more than 20 influencers and celebrities in the campaign, who were surprised by a mysterious unboxing of unreal objects created specifically for the activity.
The objects were then shown to their audience to unleash the same sense of bewilderment as a person suffering from agnosia.
The activity was linked to a call to action that invited users to watch the video of the campaign, to find out more about the disease and to donate funds for scientific research conducted by the Ebri Foundation. “