Our services

Press office and media relations: we work on the reputation of our customers by guaranteeing quality media coverage obtained starting from the production of profiled editorial content for each media.

Social media management: one of the most strategic communication tool for creating relationships with stakeholders and which requires different skills: from copywriting to data analysis, passing through creativity.

Influencer marketing: the selection of the influencer to be involved for the promotion of one’s business s based on the evaluation of various parameters and this is an activity that requires specific knowledge.

DMC Lake Como: every destination hides pitfalls (territorial, cultural, meteorological …) that only those who know the territory very well can manage – often prevent – and thus offer the customer a memorable experience.

Training: pr and digital pr are subjects in constant evolution and for this reason there are no manuals that are always updated. By working “in the field” every day we can guarantee managers and students the most up-to-date theoretical training and the most interesting case histories.