GalloPardo Ducks lay their eggs in silence.
Hens cackle like crazy.
The result?
Everybody eats hens’ eggs.
Henry Ford
ufficiostampa Work on your visibility... ... to improve your reputation. pianificazioni Plan the winning strategy... ... to reach your business goals. Eventi Involve the target... ... to remember your message.



ABG PR is a public relations agency that helps companies to roar
in their reference market in a strategic and differentiated way.

Our press office, social media management and influencer marketing services make every company (private or public) increase its brand awareness and its business.
Our press office promotes your products and/or services in the media thanks to press releases and the business relations we have with the journalists.
Thanks to social media management and influencer marketing, social media will talk about you and the services and products you offer.

Are you in a startup and do you wish to successfully talk about your ideas? Check out AKI PR, the ABG PR division specifically designed for press office activities, influencer marketing and social media management for startup!

Our offices are located in Milan and Como (Italy), but thanks to the internet and to our international network, we can support you wherever you are.

We are the right partner if you want to become a leader in your industry!


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