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The press office
in a tap!


The press office goes APP!


For the first time in Italy (and probably globally) companies and journalists can always access their press books at any moment.
How? Thanks to our customized APP that has been implemented with the new JumpToApp technology.

The APP is available both on iOS and Android and is specifically conceived for our customers including their press books


Download the APP

Download the APP and access the Demo:

1) verify if you have downloaded Adobe Reader (only for Android) on your device
2) download the APP







3) select “La mia rassegna” (My press book) from the top left menu and access with these credentials:


username: demoabg
password: demoabg@                               

Each company may access a restricted area via customized credentials within which it can find the daily press clippings, press books broken down by topics, as well as a database containing all the press books issued previously. Each User can draw up a preferential press book list and share press books with others. A green dot on the icon will inform Customers of the presence of a new content in order to grant constant and real-time information flow nonetheless avoiding being too invasive.


How does the APP work?
Click on the Press Book title/name in order to open it.
A green dot marks press books that have not been read yet or those that have been upgraded.
The interface is customizable and Users can label the release as «Preferential» or «Filed».

By clicking on the “callout” icon, Users will be able to send a message on a specific book to the dedicated project manager.
When a review is open you can send it to recipients of your interest.

Thanks to the new JumpToApp technology all documents are also available offline and you can dowload them on your device completely or in part in order to not make heavier the memory.


For further details contact us!