DMC is an acronym used in the events industry and means “Destination Management Company”.

It is an agency that supports companies (and individuals) in organizing events in a territory always far from their headquarters.

DMC consultants are experts in communication, entertainment, logistics, financial planning, international public relations and much more, able to offer clients personalized, innovative experiences in appealing destinations.

Why should a company turn to a DMC with the ease with which we find information today?

Because every destination hides pitfalls (territorial, cultural, meteorological …) that only those who know the territory very well can manage – often prevent – and thus offer the customer a memorable experience.

Not only that … in Italy, very often, relationships count more than technical skills and being in direct contact with the stakeholders in the area is essential for the success of the event.

Events on Lake Como

Lake Como has always attracted the attention of the international jet set, but in recent years, luxury tourism has increased exponentially making the territory “the place to be” for Italian and international VIPs.

George Clooney, Jennifer Lo and Ben Affleck, Michael Jordan and Lady Gaga, Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian are just some of the characters who have animated Lake Como.

The fame achieved has brought to its shores more and more companies that require the advice of a DMC for the organization of events for managers, customers and journalists.

ABG PR has 360-degree expertise in organizing events in Como and is able to satisfy the requests of the most demanding customers.