One product, two influencer marketing campaigns. According to a survey by AstraRicerche promoted by Enterolactis®, Italians on vacation stock up on sunscreens, forgetting at home the remedies for the feared intestinal discomfort. In July 2021 we organized a social awareness campaign on the subject, which involved many Italian creators in the food, travel and lifestyle sectors.

Fiabe in Farmacia is an initiative promoted by Sofar S.p.A. to teach children the importance of a healthy and balanced diet.
Reinventing the classic fairy tales Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Pinocchio and The Gnomes and the Shoemaker, Enterolactis® has created a gift box with coloring books, pastels and a selection of live lactic ferments for the rebalancing of the intestinal bacterial flora of the little ones. On the occasion of Christmas 2021 we have structured an influencer marketing campaign, involving the Instagram profiles of families and mothers throughout the Italian territory.


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